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location of review: http://www.tvguide.co.uk/reviews.asp?title=Sally+Morgan%3A+Star+Psychic

Stars: 2 stars

Name Sally Morgan

Reviews: over 100


So dissapointed
I am a single mum and i saved up for six months to go and watch Sally at the palace in Manchester on the 17th May 2010. Every time Sally got a negative response from the audience she blammed it on another spirt coming through. She was in my opionion a disappointment. to the extent she was annoying, the same spirts declaring to come through all shared the same emotions and more or less all had the same message ! Sorry Sally but you were a total let down.
Linda – Manchester 10:35am Thu 27 May
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Shes a complete fake
I went to see Sally Morgan at the Palace theatre on 17th May. The tickets were present for my birthday from my son. He was truly ripped off, anyone can throw names and the likelihood is that someone will think its for them. She didnt get any hits and when people were saying no to her “another spirit is trying to get through” She is praying on grieving vulnerable people, she is a charlatan of the worst kind. She gives mediums a bad name – for the record, i am a medium and i dont charge people anything as it is a gift and not something to be used to exploit desperate people.
Fed up with frauds 10:44am Mon 24 May
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I cant believe the sheer foolishness
I have a weird feeling that all or most of the negative comments are by other people who are either working for other well known psychics or their managment just to dirty the name of a woman who I feel is one in a million!!!! she is bang on!!!!! and real!!!! and Im a believer but not a bling follower!!!! I have read her books and think she is an inspiration!!!!
J DaCosta 11:11pm Sat 22 May